The Coronavirus Bear and Its Place in History

Marc Rittersporn/ Helping Investors Better Understand Bear Markets, Corrections and Crashes The pace with which the Coronavirus bear toppled the longest-running bull market in history was startling. The Dow Jones Industrial Average officially entered the “Coronavirus bear market” in just … Continue reading

10 Things To Do Right Now While Markets Are Highly Volatile

1. Don’t panic (or pretend not to). It’s easy to believe you’re immune from panic when the financial sun is shining, but it’s hard to avoid indulging in it during a crisis. If you’re entertaining seemingly logical excuses to bail … Continue reading

Three Upside-Down Investment Insights

Often, all you need to be an excellent investor is a healthy dose of common sense: A penny saved is a penny earned. Buy low, sell high. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. That said, the best way … Continue reading

You, Your Retirement, and the SECURE Act

January 1, 2020 Marc Rittersporn/ You may have missed the news – buried in a much bigger spending bill, and passed in the thick of the holiday season. But after months of nearly bringing it to the finish line, it’s … Continue reading

Six Financial Best Practices for 2020

December 11, 2019 Marc Rittersporn/ What a year it’s been. Remember December 2018? As The New York Times reported at the time, “Stocks plunged in December [2018], posting their worst monthly loss since the financial crisis and the worst December … Continue reading

Why “Safe Harbors” Can Be Risky Business

November 25, 2019 Marc Rittersporn/ We see it often: Whenever investors are spooked by turbulent times, dollars tend to flow out of the stock market, and into “safe harbor” investments such as bonds, bond funds, CDs, money markets, or even … Continue reading

16 Things You Can Do To Prepare for the Next Recession

October 21, 2019 Marc Rittersporn/ Why are people more afraid of flying than driving, even though car wrecks are far more frequent? As one academic suggests, “in a car, at least I know when to brake. In a plane, I … Continue reading

What is Monte Carlo Analysis

September 9, 2019   Marc Rittersporn/ If there’s one question on every investor’s mind, it goes something like this: “How am I doing so far?” This universal query is especially relevant when you’re making plans to retire in style, or pursuing … Continue reading

Protecting What’s Yours (While You’re Alive)

08/6/2019 Protecting What’s Yours (While You’re Alive) Whether due to disability, dementia, or enjoying a vacation, there are many ways you can end up unavailable to make critical financial or health care choices for yourself or your loved ones. If … Continue reading

Tips for Protecting Your Important Documents When Disaster Strikes

July 18, 2019  Marc Rittersporn/ On July 4th and 5th of 2019, two major earthquakes – in fact the biggest to hit Southern California in decades – reminded us that disasters can strike any time. Thankfully, the quakes hit a … Continue reading