Wealth Management

Protecting your assets, fostering a solid financial future and understanding how to manage your finances in a way that will enable you to build wealth is not always easy. As your wealth management advisor, my process is one that includes developing a plan to help you achieve your financial goals. I first evaluate your current investments, discuss your desired level of risk and what you are looking to achieve with your portfolio. Once we agree on and implement your individual plan, I make sure your investments are consistent with your risk and goals.

I take an academic, disciplined and evidence-based approach to wealth management, which means that every decision is made while being mindful of your goals—and not as a reaction to what’s happening in the markets. Being proactive, rather than reactive, is key to efficiently managing wealth without emotion. And as your life and goals change, I’ll work with you to make modifications to your portfolio that will be suitable for these changes.

“Better decisions are made with rational thought and analysis rather than emotional impulses.” – Marc R.

The behavior gap is defined as the difference between the return on an investment and the return an investor actually experiences. Various estimates place the drag from poor decision making anywhere from 1.17% to 6.5% annually. By right-fitting client portfolios, minimizing trading, and through continued education of investors, we aim to minimize this drag.

Source: http://institutional.fidelity.com

Portfolio Management

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

In order to be viable, an investment portfolio needs consistent monitoring and thoughtful attention. My intention is to help you achieve your financial goals by providing guidance that will strengthen your portfolio, while remaining mindful of tax implications. Once we’ve implemented your agreed upon investment plan, I monitor your portfolio’s performance, market activity and volatility to ensure that your investments are performing as they should be.

Benefits of Integritt’s Portfolio Management

  • Personalized and customized investment guidance
  • More than three decades of experience
  • Consistent and direct access to your portfolio’s activity
  • An investment portfolio that’s designed to be tax efficient

Too often people put off planning for retirement—whether it’s because they feel it’s too far in the future to be concerned, or because they’re unsure about how to get started. The reality is, it’s never too early to start planning for your financial future and how you’ll manage once you’ve left the workforce.

Take the Stress Out of Your Retirement Planning

As an experienced investment advisor, I can help you by creating a strategic and sensible plan that will assist you in creating a solid financial future. By working closely with you to determine your goals, I will assist you in planning for a dignified retirement—so you can enjoy every moment without worry or stress about finances.

Many people are diligent in planning for their retirement, but it can be difficult to think about how to pass assets to loved ones. Unfortunately, a lack of planning for what will happen to your estate after you are gone can cause a lot of stress for the loved ones left behind. At Integritt Wealth Management, we will work with your attorney to advise you about the creation of an estate plan. This will ensure your loved ones acquire your assets according to your wishes without the stress of a court deciding the details. We understand how trying a loss can be and want to help you give your family peace of mind during that difficult time.

Estate Planning Guidance You Can Trust

Estate planning trust and will services can be a complex, emotional process. Integritt specializes in working with your existing attorney for estate planning and takes great pride in advising you to make the right choices for your family. Even if you already have a will or trust in place, it may be time to update it. We can also advise on other matters of will and estate planning, such as estate taxes, gifting, wealth transfer, and charitable giving.