Estate Planning

Estate PlanningMany people are diligent in planning for their retirement, but it can be difficult to think about how to pass assets to loved ones. Unfortunately, a lack of planning for what will happen to your estate after you are gone can cause a lot of stress for the loved ones left behind. At Integritt Wealth Management, we will work with your attorney to advise you about the creation of an estate plan. This will ensure your loved ones acquire your assets according to your wishes without the stress of a court deciding the details. We understand how trying a loss can be and want to help you give your family peace of mind during that difficult time.

Estate Planning Guidance You Can Trust

Estate planning trust and will services can be a complex, emotional process. Integritt specializes in working with your existing attorney for estate planning and takes great pride in advising you to make the right choices for your family. Even if you already have a will or trust in place, it may be time to update it. We can also advise on other matters of will and estate planning, such as estate taxes, gifting, and wealth transfer.

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