Tips for Protecting Your Important Documents When Disaster Strikes

July 18, 2019  Marc Rittersporn/ On July 4th and 5th of 2019, two major earthquakes – in fact the biggest to hit Southern California in decades – reminded us that disasters can strike any time. Thankfully, the quakes hit a … Continue reading

Good Financial Advice

June 4, 2019  Marc Rittersporn/ In today’s climate of one-page financial plans, bargain-basement fund pricing and automated investment management tools, you may wonder whether you still need a living, breathing financial advisor. You do. But with a twist. Are you … Continue reading

What Is Liquidity?         

May 15, 2019  Marc Rittersporn/ Are your investments liquid or illiquid? When a holding is liquid, it simply means you can sell it anytime the market in which it trades is open for business, without losing your proverbial shirt in … Continue reading

April is Financial Literacy Month

April 24, 2019 Marc Rittersporn/   Too many people just don’t have it, but I can help. April is National Financial Literacy Month – an entire month dedicated to underscoring the importance of learning, establishing and maintaining healthy financial habits. Do … Continue reading

Money Management Lingo

March 28, 2019 Marc Rittersporn/  Doctors write prescriptions. Auto mechanics perform tune-ups. Lawyers prepare briefs. Financial advisors help you manage your money. Ultimately, it’s that simple. But like any other profession, I sometimes have a funny way of saying it. … Continue reading

Bankrupticies, Pensions, & the Dodo Bird

Marc 18, 2019 Marc Rittersporn/  Tips to consider if offered a lump-sum payment When a company announces bankruptcy, employees usually lose their jobs and benefits. But what happens to former employees who were promised pensions or other benefits? A federal … Continue reading

What Is Asset Allocation?

February 28, 2019 Marc Rittersporn/  Asset allocation. It’s so ingrained in how we manage our clients’ investment portfolios, I talk about it all the time. But what is it? What are assets, and what happens when you allocate them? Asset … Continue reading

Six Financial Best Practices for 2019

December 20, 2018  Marc Rittersporn/  So, are you ready to get a jump on 2019? Here are six financial best practices for the year ahead. Pick a few of them or take on the entire list. Either way, you’ll be … Continue reading

Five Financial Adages for Thriving in Volatile Markets

December 3, 2018 Marc Rittersporn/  Sometimes the best, most rigorously developed financial advice is so obvious, it’s become cliché. And yet, investors often end up abandoning this same advice when market turbulence is on the rise. Why the disconnect? Let’s … Continue reading

A Retirement Planning Primer

October 15, 2018 Marc Rittersporn/ Does your retirement seem years and years away? While it may appear this way, you owe it to yourself to look ahead and begin giving thought to a time in your life that may account … Continue reading